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Plato’s Pondering Place

This is my first attempt at The 100 Word Challenge.  If you click on the image, to the left, you can find out more and join in.

This weeks challenge:

Last weeks news highlighted that the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is 100 years old. The new edition, the 12th, has had 400 new words added, some that reflect our obsession with the virtual word and technology. Retweeting, texting and cyberbullying are all part of the culture. I thought it linked nicely with my most recent post!

The challenge is to use 3 words lost from our Language: Brabble, Growlery & Foozle.

Here goes…….

I sat quietly in my growlery, contemplating.

After the foozled efforts of Socrates and his public humiliation, Athens needs me to restore faith in the future. Their trust in me is evident, following the generous gift of Academus.  But, I fear that my prize student, Aristotle, brabbles too much. He thinks too much of Science and not of Thinking alone. All salute him ‘Intelligence of the School.’ He must consider this, greater than brabble, gift of trust and foozle not his future like the Great Socrates.

I must trust that his modern logic interferes not with needs of the soul.

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3 Responses to “Plato’s Pondering Place

  1. love it! Very well written x

  2. Excellent! I love that we have gone all classical. You have done really well with the characters. I wonder what they were actually like? Hope to see you on the 100WCGU again!

  3. I enjoyed reading this.

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